Ancient Artisan Baked Heart (Green)

Memorable & wholesome


This ancient tea produces a light golden green liquor with notes of toasted rice, sweet peas, and wildflowers.  It is deliciously balanced with a savoury and satisfying finish. Every spring, tea master Kai Wei selectively picks only supple shoots from wild and ancient trees bordering his village on Wuliang Mountain. These small batches are partially pan fried, sun-dried, and finally hand rolled. This process all takes place in and around his small studio utilising generations of experience and intuition to create this limited release artisanal tea. Sun-dried green teas are a rarity and only limited amounts of Ancient Artisan Baked Heart are produced each year.


Preparation method:
2g per 150ml of water
90°C for 2 mins
Rebrew 2-3 times

Organic Green Tea

Tea Information:
Altitude: ~1800 – 2000 masl
Region: Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan China
Harvest: Spring season only
Environment: Organic and Biodiverse
Tea Master: Kai Wei
Tea Trees: Wild and Ancient (~200-year-old)


  • Sample: 6g approx. 2 serves in this pack
  • Gift Box: 80g approx. 20 serves in this pack
  • Retail Box: 175g approx. 43 serves in this pack
  • Large Box: 350g approx. 87 serves in this pack

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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