Ancient Artisan Pheonix Fermented Puer

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Discover the complex character of aged fermented Puer (Ripe Puer).  It displays bold, earthy and sweet hay aromas followed by multifaceted flavours of mushroom, bittersweet chocolate, espresso and dry spices.  Thick and creamy body with a lingering and full finish.   Down the rabbit how you go.  Once you appreciate this intriguing style of tea there are endless possibilities to be experienced.  Picked by the Yi Tribe of Yunnan this tea comes from the ancient and certified organic tea trees on a sustainable plantation.

Preparation method:
2g per 150ml of water
100°C for 2 mins
Rebrew 2-3 times

Certified Organic Ripe Puer Tea Leaves

Tea Information:
Altitude: ~1700 masl
Region: Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan
Harvest: Early Spring, 2011
Environment: Organic & Biodiverse
Tea Master: Xue Fang
Tea Trees: Wild and Ancient (~150-year-old)

Sample: 6g approx. 1 serves in this pack
Gift Box: 50g approx. 10 serves in this pack
Retail Box: 125g approx. 25 serves in this pack

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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