Honey I’m Home

Heart-warming & soothing


Unwind and savour the fine balance of artisanal hand-crafted Yunnan Black Tea, combined with Chrysanthemum, Calendula and Chamomile.

This delicious blend has smooth milk chocolate and vanilla flavours, with a gentle florals and lingering honey-like finish. It’s tea leaves are picked annually during spring season from an organic and biodiverse farm. Honey I’m Home is the ultimate relaxation blend of soothing florals and mellow black tea leaves.


Preparation method:
1g per 100ml of water
100ºC for 1-2 mins
Re-brew 2-3 times

Organic Black Tea; Artisan Yunnan Black Needle
Organic Yellow Chrysanthemum, *Organic Calendula Petals,
*Organic Chamomile

*Certified Organic
**May contain traces of pollen


Sample: approx. 3 serves in this pack
Gift Box: 60g approx. 25 serves in this pack
Medium Box: 150g approx. 50 serves in this pack
Large Box: 300g approx. 100 serves in this pack

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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