The Life-Changing Teapot


Pot and it’s mate.

These gorgeous sets are designed for teas that favor short, multiple infusions for it to be handled comfortably, it is not intended for 4-5 min brew times.    Each set is unique and handcrafted by river ceramics in Margaret River.   The concept was to combine function and beauty while drawing attention to a different way of brewing and appreciating artisan teas in the West.    We took inspiration from the Gong Fu brewing method with regard to higher doses of tea and experiencing those same leaves over many short infusions.   The Chinese tea ceremony is a tea preparation skill that is ritualistic and specific, and pays homage to tea artistry and ancient traditions.   We drew inspiration to beautify and add some ritual, while raising awareness and regard for artisan teas, all while creating something functional and effortless to use.   It’s a pot for self-care and me time, and we hope you LOVE it as much as we do.

How to use:
~Dose tea, usually 2-3 times the recommended amount for longer brew times
~Fill with hot water, try slightly cooler temps when brewing white or green teas
~Brew from 5 secs to 60secs.  This is how you get to know your tea, see what you prefer and you may surprise yourself.
~Pour into your matching cup
~Let the pot rest in the cup for complete drainage
~Re-brew as many times as you feel your tea is willing to give you

Some pure teas to pair with this set;

Ancient Moonlight White Buds
Ancient Golden Buds
Ancient Baked Heart
Ancient Pheonix Puer
Complete Blessing Oolong
Summer Moon Oolong
Spring Return Oolong

Some blends to pair with this set;

Meaningful Green
Moonlight Rose
Honey I’m Home
Rare Earth Puer



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