About RETC

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision –
Dalai Lama

Our vision is to share our appreciation of truly nourishing handcrafted teas that are organically and sustainably grown by artisans. Tradional tea processing encompasses a deep care and thoughtfullness for mother earth and thus places a high value on ecologically sustainble growing. By supporting tradional tea artistry we recognise the value of ancient wisdoms and long-established customs from a time when our predecessors where innately intune with their natural surroundings. The end result is not singularly about stimulating the mind, but also the body and soul, therefore ensuring the care and energy that goes into each tea is pure, thoughtful and always free of chemicals and additives.

Tea artistry is in direct competition and contrast to large scale commodity farming and it can be hard for consumers to navigate between the two based on labels and brands alone.  Large scale commercial farming is one that values quantity over quality, productivity over people and efficiency over nature.  It enivitably creates an unbalanced monoculture system that requires the help of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers to sustain productivity and unnatural growth as well as a mechanised system to reduce labour and inneficiency. The consequence is a strange landscape of disrupted ecosytems, artificial green hills, arid soil and shallow root systems producing teas that look the part but are lacking the natural building blocks required to make them truly healthy, nourishing or flavoursome.

A tea garden in balance is a heartwarming sight. This is why we are passionate about supporting tea farmers who care deeply about their teas and the environment they are grown in. The result is exquist and tea in its truest form as nature intended: delicatly crafted, vibrant, flavoursom and full of naturally-occurring protection for the body.