Nilgiri Heights

Sophisticated & Invigorating


A medium bodied, organic, whole-leaf black tea that is crisp and floral with notes of citrus, milk chocolate, and maple. Nilgiri Heights comes from Southern India and provides a glimpse into the flavours of one of the highest elevation estates in the world. The experience is bright, energising and best enjoyed black, making it a sophisticated morning cuppa.

Sitting at peak elevation among the Blue Mountains, which comes from the Tamil word Nilgiris, we have chosen to work directly with Korakundah estate because of their unique elevation combined with their commitment to quality and 100% organic farming. Surrounded by incredible vistas of rolling hills teeming with wildlife, it’s no wonder this area has been recognised for the last 100 years as a prestigious tea growing region. Nilgiri Heights is among the best of this region and we are proud to offer you this flavoursome organic black tea.

Preparation method:
6g (3 tsp) per 300ml of water
Temp: 100oC
Infusion: 3-4 mins

Ingredients: Certified organic black tea leaves

Tea Information:
~1800 – 2400 masl
Region: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India
Environment : Organic
Producers : Korkundah Estate


  • Sample: Approx 2 serves in this pack
  • Gift Box: 60g approx. 10 serves in this pack
  • Medium Box: 200g approx. 35 serves in this pack
  • Large Box: 400g approx. 70 serves in this pack

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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