Ceylon Mist

Sophisticated & Invigorating


A medium bodied organic black tea that is smooth, sweet, and easy to love.  With notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and malt, this single origin Ceylon tea is well balanced, with a gentle and pleasing astringency. Delicious as a black tea, organic Ceylon Mist black tea can also handle some milk for a sweeter, milder version.

These leaves are grown, handpicked, and processed in the mountainous region of UVA province in Sri Lanka, renowned for black tea production. We have chosen to work with Greenfield Organic Farm because of their commitment to 100% chemical free and bio-diverse farming, which we believe greatly impacts quality and benefits those living and working among the tea gardens.

Organic Ceylon Mist black tea is unassuming, comforting and satiating all at the same time, it may just be your new favourite black tea.

Preparation method:
6g (3 tsp) per 300ml of water
Temp: 100oC
Infusion: 3-4 mins

Ingredients: Certified organic black tea leaves

Tea Information:
~1500-1800 masl
Region: UVA highlands, Sri Lanka
Environment: Organic and Biodiverse
Producers: Greenfield Organic Farms


  • Sample Size: 1-2 serves
  • Gift Box: 100g approx. 16 serves
  • Medium Box: 250g approx. 41 serves
  • Large Box: 500g approx. 83 serves

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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