Complete Blessing Oolong

Luxurious & All-encompassing


Spoil yourself with this indulgent organic and wildly grown high mountain Taiwanese Oolong. This tea produces light golden liquor with a rich toffee aroma and warm buttery mouthfeel. The delicate flavours of chestnut, sweet biscuit, and orchid-like florals make it an absolute showstopper. Complete Blessing Oolong is grown on a small two-hectare farm and managed by vegans, this tea is certified organic and grown with a strong focus on preserving natures biodiversity while managing the soil holistically. Reinfuse many times over and taste how the flavours develop and unravel in this skillfully crafted tea.


Preparation method:
1g per 100ml of water
100ºC for 1-2 mins
Rebrew up to 5 times

Certified organic Oolong Tea

Tea Information:
~1500 masl
Region: Lala Mountain Range, Taiwan
Harvest: Matured leaves only
Environment: Organic and biodiverse
Tea Trees: Qing Xin Oolong variety


  • Sample: 3g approx. 1 serves in this pack
  • Gift Box: 25g approx. 8 serves in this pack
  • Medium Box: 75g approx. 25 serves in this pack
  • Large Box: 150g approx. 50 serves in this pack

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


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