Kasumi Barista Matcha

Certified Organic


Consciously sourced to deliver an exceptional matcha latte.  Each batch of Kasumi matcha is made from premium, shade-grown, certified organic tea leaves that are freshly stone-milled and sent to us directly from Japan.  When made with care, the resulting latte is indulgent and vibrant green.  Its rich creamy texture and deep umami flavour honour its purity and authenticity to create a genuinely nourishing drink.

Our Matcha is made from stone-milling the whole green tea leaf into a fresh powder, that is packed with authentic flavours and all the health benefits. The vivid green colour and vibrant aromas will captivate you visually and sensually. Perfect for use with barista coffee machines, or hand mixed with our bamboo matcha whisks.

Brewing Instructions: Sift 3g of matcha powder into 40ml of hot water, and pour in steamed milk of your choice.
Ingredients: Green Tea
Certifications: Organic / JAS
Storage: Refrigerate before opening.  Store in airtight after opening in a cool, dry area.

  • Sample: 20g
  • Large: 200g

Product of Japan

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20g, 200g